Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glamping?

Glamping is glamourous camping. It is perfect for those who want to staying in hotel-like comfort but out in the bush, or those who like the idea of camping but don’t like the reality - the rigmarole of setting up the tent, sleeping on uncomfortable beds, forgetting something important (like tent pegs), packing up after an awesome stay and cleaning everything afterwards. Glamping New England takes the hassle out of camping so you don’t need to worry about the reality and just enjoy the best bits!

What can I expect from a Glamping New England set up? Will I need to set anything up?

With Glamping New England we set everything up! Each gorgeous bell tent comes fully set up with floor rugs, a queen size bed (on a super comfortable thick foam mattress), winter weight wool or goose down doona, luxury bedlinen, bedside tables and battery powered LED lantern – all ready for you to have a fantastic night’s stay in the great outdoors.

What do I need to organise?

That depends on where we are setting up for you. If we are setting up on private property, then you will need to ensure there are toilets and possibly showers available. If we are setting up at some of the caravan parks or camp grounds around the region, you may need to book a site directly with the operator. You can find out by checking our “plan your adventure” page. If you are staying in the national parks, we will arrange your campsite with the rangers.

What makes Glamping New England different?

Based in Kentucky, Glamping New England is the local pop up accommodation provider for the New England region and our set ups are designed for the New England climate – beautiful and sunny one moment and cold and frosty the next.

Super comfortable mattresses. Our mattresses are thick foam mattresses that are really comfortable and are also nice and warm. Blow up mattresses are particularly cold and they always seem to deflate in the middle of the night.

Winter weight wool and goose down doonas. We use winter weight wool and goose down doonas. Thin blankets just don’t cut it in our region.

Specially designed floor rugs. We also have specially made thick floor rugs that cover the entire floor of the tent – these rugs can’t be sourced in Australia, so we imported them. Having the entire floor covered means that the tent stays much warmer when the ground gets cold. Plus, it is heaps more luxurious having proper flooring rather than just a plastic groundsheet!

Each tent is also individually styled, showing Glamping New England’s exceptional attention to detail.

How much does it cost?

Glamping New England quotes each set up individually (except for the sites already listed on our “plan your adventure page”). Our region is so large that travel costs vary significantly from one end to the other. To give you an idea of prices, the table below shows some approximate prices for 5 or more tents booked in the major centres in our region. Prices will vary for each specific set up site.

Glen Innes $160 per night, per tent for 5 or more tents booked
Tamworth $145 per night per tent for 5 or more tents booked
Inverell $160 per night, per tent for 5 or more tents booked
Walcha $130 per night, per tent for 5 or more tents booked
Armidale $135 per night, per tent for 5 or more tents booked
We also have a $100 per tent bond, to cover minor damage or when excessive cleaning is required. This is refunded on pack up assuming there are no issues. To secure the number of tents, we require this bond to be paid as a deposit.


Can I book for one night?

Glamping New England has a 3 night minimum stay, you are welcome to stay just one night but you will be charged the standard rate due to the working involved in setting up and packing down the tents (it’s the same amount of work for one night as it is for three).

How many people can we have in one tent?

Our 5m bell tents can fit one queen size bed and two extra single beds (extra single beds are $30 each). The 4m bell tent can fit one queen size bed and one extra single bed.

For our sleepover tent, we supply 5 single bed mattresses in the tent. However, this is only really suitable for kids (they love being crammed in) as there isn’t much room for luggage or walking around the beds.

What time is check in and check out?

Generally speaking, check in is after 3pm and check out is before 9am. However, we can be flexible so just give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.

Are the tents waterproof?

Yes! Our tents have been set up in hailstorms that have dinted cars and damaged roofs and Pip and I have been holed up in one of our tents during a torrential downpour during a regional event – we know first hand that our tents waterproof and listening to the rain on our tent was beautiful after a long dry period!

How do I book a glamping stay in the region?

You can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or book one of our stays on our “Plan Your Adventure” page.

How much space is required for a tent?

Each tent needs approximately 8m by 8m of flat space to be set up on.

Do you have a minimum number of tents that have to be hired?

No, we don’t have any minimum number of tents that can be booked, however the more tents that are booked the cheaper it is on a per tent basis – this is because travel is split across more tents.

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